1. Download

Download your FREE copy of Sacred G Fusion.

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2. Print

Print off at MINIMUM one copy in full color, 10 double sided is even better. Simply, the more the better.

The more Sacred G you are sleeping on, the faster you will notice changes in your life.

3. Place

Place the papers between your box-spring or on the floor from head to toe. The closer the papers are to you, the more effective they are.

If you have only printed one sheet, keep that sheet close to your head.

All you have to do to get the benefits of Sacred G is place the Sacred G sheets underneath your mattress and then sleep on your bed. Sacred G will instantly establish a connection with the individual cells in your body by emitting a vibration, just like a radio wave.


This one is the easiest. Go to sleep.


How were your dreams? Most people have intense dreams after sleeping on Sacred G.

Did you have Nightmare's?


Understand the technology and learn the benefits.

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Sacred G Unlocking the Magic of Life

This video is jam packed with information revealing why the body breaks down, why we die and the reasons for every health problem.

Discover how Sacred G solves these issues and reveals the missing pieces to experiencing the magic of life.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Discover what Sacred Geometry is in this video, which is the first in the Science of LOVE Series and part of the Sacred G Course.







QIX is a New Human Operating System that will forever change the way we interact with our body, each other and the world.

The QIX Operating System functions similar to the same software that runs your computer. The QIX Operating system uses a combination of Binary, Quaternary, Variadic & Quantum processing to access new sensory data and perform new functions.

QIX starts getting installed in your body at night when you start sleeping on Sacred G. If you haven't yet watched the "Sacred G Unlocking the Magic of Life" video, watch it now to find out more.

Register for the QIX Activation System Membership and save 50% on your membership by using the coupon "sacredg".

To understand the QIX operating system, you first need to understand the language that is used to program.

The first main system that QIX operates under is the Laws Of Vibrational Energy or LOVE for short. LOVE is the core layer of programming that QIX is built upon. You can think of this as Binary Code for the Brain and Body although you will quickly realize that these systems are far more powerful.

The greatest component to this programming system is that you are the programmer and you have the main tools with you already. The most important tool is your Breath.

Yup, that’s right, your breath is the key element in programming for the QIX operating system. Of course, you have to know how to breathe first.

Sacred G Fusion

Sacred G Fusion is the 8th version in the line of Core Love's Sacred G series. Core is now giving away this version as a free, downloadable PDF, although no longer for sale, it will still rock your world until you are ready to upgrade to Omega.


Sacred G Omega

Sacred G Omega Sacred G Omega is the final design in the Sacred G Series, which marks the end of an 11 year development period to produce the most powerful and perfectly balanced energy technology available. Every time you add additional designs under your mattress, the level of your energy increases.

Head over to the product page to find out more details about why you want to get your own bed set of
Sacred G Omega.


Sacred G Fusion X3

Sacred G Fusion X3 is the 9th version in the line of Core Love's Sacred G series.


Sacred G Omega comes in a book of 150 double sided sheets that you place under your mattress. All you have to do to get the benefits is sleep on your bed. Sacred G Omega will instantly establish a connection with the individual cells in your body by emitting a vibration, just like a radio wave. This vibration is received by a sub-system of your DNA called epigenetics. Epigenetics is a software program that gives instructions to the DNA.

  • The first set of instructions directs the cells to start releasing toxins. Compared to Sacred G, the typical herbal cleanse is like trying to clean your house by spraying window cleaner on the outside of the windows. Sacred G communicates directly to the cells and initiates the internal cellular cleansing cycle. After a few days of this cleansing and frequent trips to the bathroom, your body will feel rejuvenated and full of energy.
  • Next is the negative emotional purge, this can show up as crazy dreams or even intense nightmares. Occassionally you might even wonder if you slept since you are more aware of your dreams. The nightmares can be a bit wild, but it is just the brain purging the suppressed negative emotions so you feel better.
  • Your thoughts and goals are upgraded next. For a small time, you get lost, literally, as you start questioning everything in your life and nothing holds the same value. This is your level of conscious awareness increasing, the little things that once got you excited will now seem like a waste of time. Your brain starts solving conflicts and increasing the amount of information that you can see at once. You typically will get a waking up feeling like you have been in a trance your whole life. Your brain will automatically start thinking bigger and you will never settle for less again.

These are just the first three of ten major energy conversion systems that take place from using Sacred G Omega. Omega is literally an internal re-wiring system and the process is all automated, you just get to watch it happen.

Every Sacred G Omega book is printed with a randomized dot structure printing and infused with 15 powerful elements inside it’s ink to enhance and ground the energy: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine & Amethyst, Gold, Aqua Gold, Platinum, Ruby & Diamond, Kunzite, Azeztulite, Rose Phenacite, Selenite, Kyanite & Moldavite.

Formula 4 Truth Introduction

"I just created a brand new Formula 4 Truth video that gives you a higher perspective on the Formula 4 Truth and how my entire video library I posted in this community is one massive training for the Conscious Revolution." - Core Love

1. The Science

Learn the Science of Formula for Truth and how it can be applied to improve any area of your life to assist you in manifesting what you want.

2. Success

Learn how to apply the Formula for Truth to your current business or corporate structure to make more money than you ever thought possible.

3. Friendship

Understand the 5 fields of friendship in order to get along with everyone, win the most friends and influence the most people.

4. Relationships

Learn how to use the Formula 4 Truth to create a long lasting relationship filled with the most romance and best sex you have ever had.

5. Health

Discover how the Formula 4 Truth can help you overcome the biggest fear of mankind to truly begin living the life you were meant to live.


The Formula 4 Truth Q & A Series plus all of the Formula 4 Truth videos can be found here.

Coconut Oil #1

Leaving coconut oil beside a sheet of Sacred G Fusion for 15 left us this beautiful design.

Coconut Oil #2

Leaving coconut oil ontop of some Sacred G Omega books gave us this beautiful leaf design.

Coconut Oil #3

Another instance of leaving coconut oil ontop of some Sacred G Omega books gave us this design.


Understanding 2D Technology

Core shows the mechanics for how 2D Sacred Geometry works.

The Microscopic Truth #1

Introducing Tap Water to Sacred G Omega Under a Microscope

The Microscopic Truth #2

Introducing Fridge Filtered Tap Water to Sacred G Omega Under a Microscope

Ascension Series

The Ascension Series is down right mind blowing. Core is going to rock your world with topics like The Collective, NDE's, DMT & Psychedelics, The Light Body and so much more.


Age of Magic Community

The Age of Magic Community is a community created where we can connect with like minded individuals. Core and his Angel's are frequently posting new content, interacting with the community and holding Google Hangouts. Make sure to bookmark this community and explore the hundreds of hours of video.


L.O.V.E Course

L.O.V.E stands for Laws of Vibrational Energy. In this series Core is teach you about the laws of vibration, energy, the All Seeing Eye and the Flower of Life.


11 Dimensions of Development's

Discover the Magic of Time & Space and how it relates to the Light Body & Creation.

Learn what the 11 Dimensions of Development are and how to identify each level.

Sacred G & the Law of Attraction

Learn the other half of the Law of Attraction that is often missed. Explore the actual biological science that enables the Law of Attraction to work.

Sacred G Fusion X3

Core shares his journey after moving from Sacred G Fusion, which he developed and released in 2009 to Fusion X2, developed and released in 2010, to Fusion X3 released by Christmas of 2010. Find out why Fusion X3 has 157 sheets, 72 different designs, and clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine infused in the ink as well as a randomized dot structure system upgrade.

Link Between Emotions and DNA

In this video Core outlines the correlation between emotions and DNA. This is the 6th part of the Science of LOVE Series and part of the Sacred G Course.

Sacred Geometry and the Playground

Core uses Sacred Geometry to show the what our playground is. This is the 13th part in the Science of LOVE Series and part of the Sacred G Course.

Sacred G Omega Meditation Station | DMT Releasing Breathing Technique

Want to learn how to get high from breathing? Follow along and you'll be high on DMT in a few moments just by breathing.

  • Gamma
  • Geometry, as in Sacred Geometry
  • Gods and Goddesses

1 book will give you a certain amount of energy. How much people will feel it, will vary from person to person. The more books you add, the higher amount of energy that is generated. Your body will stabilize with the energy from 1 book as there is always more energy inside the human body that can be unlocked.

More Sacred G equals more Energy. You can think of each Sacred G Omega book as a processor. The more Sacred G Omega books you are on, the more processing power you have to convert "stored energy" in your body to "Active energy" in your body. Active energy will first go towards healing and stabilizing the body. Second, your body uses activate energy to activate and enhance your senses abilities and start building the life you are looking for.

More active energy in your body means better health, less stress, increased confidence, the ability to download new information, more synchronicity and connections you manifest with other people for business, friendships, relationships and the more energy you have to take action on the ideas or passions you want to make a reality.

Basically, the more Sacred G you sleep on, the more magical your life becomes, because it turns on the internal coaching and development system that is built into the human body to a higher and higher degree. There is literally no limit to the amount of senses, abilities, success, connection, love and impact you can have on the world.

Each sheet of Omega will produce a specific amount of energy, these equations will be revealed in upcoming videos. The more energy you have the faster your body will be able to convert certain memories to help the body heal. The amount of energy that you have will also determine your body's ability to activate higher senses. No matter how much time is involved, without the required level of energy, your body will not activate the higher sense or ability.

The digital downloads are best used to test if the technology works for you. If you have a good effect and you want to go further, I recommend buying Sacred G Omega, it is built and designed for high levels of energy.
There is no maximum, but the digital downloads will start to become a little sketchy at 1000+ sheets. The clarity in the printed design is not like Sacred G Omega, but is only noticeable at higher quantities.
You can most definitely share the Sacred G Technology with everyone that you know. I recommend doing the water and sleep test yourself, and then telling them how to do the water test. The Sacred G Omega books have the sheets perforated so you can easily tear them out and share them with people. There are over 2.5 million Sacred G Posters in the world because of people spreading their experience.
You can but I'd recommend instead of printing on both sides of the page, print on 2 sheets and then tape or laminating them together back to back so the designs face outward.
There are endless ways to use it! Again, starting with either printed sheets of Fusion or purchased Omega sheets.

Give them some sturdiness by laminating them and then:
  • Put them under your couch cushions
  • Put them behind the couch or chair cushions
  • Tape them under your kitchen & dining room chairs
  • Put them under the front seats of your car
  • Put them in your fridge & pantry to charge up your food
  • Put them under your fruit bowl
  • Put them under your pets food/water bowls
  • Put them under your pets bedding too
  • Don't forget to put them under your babies mattress
  • Fold one up and put it in your wallet or purse
  • Put some of your business cards/flyers between 2 sheets of Fusion or Omega and watch some magic happen with your business!
  • Cover your kitchen/dining room tables with laminated sheets then put a piece of glass over it and a table cloth (or if you really dig the pattern, leave as is)
  • Charge up your personal care products by placing on a sheet
  • Tape some laminated sheets to your water heater & water filter system to charge up the incoming water.
  • Turn your jewelry into supercharged pieces by storing them on some Sacred G